Booking Complete

Thank you for booking your course with us…

You should receive a confirmation email shortly stating that your course seat has been confirmed. If you do not receive this notification, please call the range at 504-218-7822.

Please remember that you have a 48 hour window to cancel or reschedule your course. If you do not cancel outside of the 48 hour window, a cancellation fee will be charged. If you do not reschedule outside of the 48 hour window, you will be charged a rescheduling fee. If you reschedule inside the 48 hour window, you will not be charged the rescheduling fee.

Deposit payments are non-refundable.

FINGERPRINTING: If you chose the option to have your fingerprints done (required by the state), you will receive two FBI fingerprint cards following the class. If you did NOT choose this option and wish to add it to your package, you may do so on the day of your course.

FIREARM RENTAL: We have a wide selection of firearms available for rent if you choose to not use your firearm. You do NOT need to use the firearm you intend to carry concealed for the qualification. Please note: When renting our firearm, a box of ammo is also required to be purchased.

HEARING AND EYE PROTECTION: We do sell various forms of hearing and eye protection that can be purchased on the day of the course. You are allowed to use your own authorized safety equipment as well.

Initial Course Cost: $135.00
Course Range Fee: $12.50 (Includes range fees and Target)
Fingerprinting Add-On: $35.00 (includes two FBI fingerprint cards)
All applicable taxes are also charged in addition to the above prices.

Please remember to dress appropriately… brass cartridges are hot and will burn if they come in contact with bare skin. Low cut shirts, hoodies, shorts and open toed shoes present a safety issue when shooting. It is recommended that you also bring and wear a hat or cap of some sort to deflect this brass.

PRIOR TO ARRIVING FOR YOUR CLASS: It is HIGHLY recommended and will save you time checking in if you sign our waiver and watch the accompanying safety video by clicking the button below.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call.