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To add the Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit to LA Wallet, follow these steps:

  • Download the latest version of LA Wallet from the Apple App Store or Google Play store
  • Add your Louisiana Driver’s License or State ID, if it is not already linked to your account
  • Tap the “Concealed Handgun Permit” credential in the card stack
  • Review the “Terms of Use” and Tap the “Retrieve Permit” button.

If you have a valid Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit and your permit is not found, you may contact Louisiana’s State Police Concealed Handgun Department at 225-925-4867 for assistance. Assistance with LA Wallet can be found at

Bayou Gunner, LLC is fully licensed, certified and insured in the state of Louisiana to teach and provide instruction on all courses available to our students in completing and qualifying for the Louisiana concealed handgun permit.

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We at Bayou Gunner can say “WE HAVE FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE” in what it means to protect yourself in a life-threatening situation and we have the knowledge to train on real-life experiences. Not many can say “We’ve been there”… well, we have. Now we have dedicated the time to pass what we’ve learned on to our students.

Today’s world is ever-changing. The ability to own a firearm is under attack daily as well as your means to protect yourself and your family. Get your Concealed Carry Permit Training Today with our group of Concealed Handgun Permit Trainers in the Metairie, Kenner, St. Charles, St. Rose, New Orleans areas! In today’s world, Carrying Concealed in Louisiana is a huge responsibility, let us teach you how to become a concealed carry licensed individual today!

Our instructors provide firearms training for Concealed Carry Permits (Initial and Renewals), First Time Gun Owners/Shooters, Preparing for the Concealed Carry Class, Laser Training Smokeless Firing Range Class, Specialized USCCA Training Classes, Situational Awareness Courses, Child Safety Courses and more!

Concealed Carry Handgun Training

Our Initial Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Course consists of 8 hours of classroom training with 1 hour of shooting range time for qualifications that will satisfy all requirements for the Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit.

You will be provided with:

  1. One (1) NRA B-27E qualification target
  2. All Range Fees are included
  3. Lunch (Pizza)
  4. Refreshments and light snacks are available via a vending machine in the lobby of the shooting range.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a "First Time Shooter" course. If you have never handled a firearm before or are unfamiliar with your firearm, you may want to pursue a first time shooter familiarization course or a one-on-one training session to become familiar with your firearm prior to attending.

You will need to bring:

  1. A firearm (you are not required to bring the firearm you intend to carry). If you have not yet acquired a firearm, we have several for rent on the day of the course as well as ammunition for your qualification. In turn, there is also a retail gun store attached to the shooting range.
  2. Ammunition. You will need no less than 36 rounds if you shoot your qualification perfectly. Please bring at the very least a box of 50 rounds to be sure you are able to complete the qualification evolution.
  3. Hearing and Eye Protection. If you do not have these items, they are available for purchase prior to the qualification evolution.
  4. The proper attire. Please do not wear open-toed shoes, low-cut shirts or muscle style shirts, shorts, etc. or anything that will expose skin to the hot casings as they are ejected from your firearm.
  5. Hydration. This is a 9 hour class... we do have a vending snack/drink machine, however, it is advised to bring bottled water and light snacks.
  6. It is strongly advised to bring a brimmed hat such as a baseball cap in order to provide protection from ejected casings and prevent them from causing distractions to the student while qualifying.

Optional Add-On services (Additional Cost involved):

  1. Digitally taken Fingerprints, printed on Official FBI Fingerprint Cards for your application submission to the state.
  2. Notary Service (if mailing in your application. No notary is required for online submission).

Staff Qualifications:

Our instructors are National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified, United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Certified, NRA Range Safety Officer Certified and approved by the Louisiana State Police (LSP) as Concealed Carry Handgun Permit instructors. CLICK HERE for more information.

Use the NEW Reciprocity by USCCA App!

  1. Featuring a personalized reciprocity map
  2. The most complete, up-to-date information for all state gun laws, or
  3. You can download the APP from either the Google Play Store or the App Store for iOS devices for FREE.

Permit holders are reminded that while carrying a concealed handgun in another state they are bound by that state’s laws governing concealed carry and permittees from other reciprocal states are bound by Louisiana concealed carry laws while in Louisiana.


Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Course

CCHP TRAINING (copied from - 03/04/2022)

The following is from Louisiana State Legislation regarding Concealed Carry Handgun Permits and the required training to receive a permit in Louisiana:

Act 4 of the First Extraordinary Session of the 1996 Legislature amended and re-enacted R.S. 40:1379.3 providing for the issuance of statewide concealed handgun permits by the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Public Safety & Corrections (DPS). Obtaining a CHP in Louisiana requires a 9 hour certification course which covers:

  • One hour of instruction on handgun nomenclature and safe handling procedures of a revolver and semi-automatic pistol;
  • One hour of instruction on ammunition knowledge and fundamentals of pistol shooting;
  • Three hours of instruction on the use of deadly force and conflict resolution which will include a review of R.S. 14:18 through 14:22 and which may include a review of any other laws relating to the use of deadly force;
  • One hour of instruction on handgun shooting positions;
  • One hour of instruction on child access prevention; and
  • Two hours of actual live range fire and proper handgun cleaning procedures
    o Live range fire shall include 12 rounds each at 6 feet, 10 feet, and 15 feet for a total of 36 rounds;
    o Each applicant or permittee must perform at least one safe reload of the handgun at each distance;
    o Each applicant or permittee must score 100% hits within the silhouette portion of a NRA B-27 type silhouette target with a least 36 rounds

After completion of the required course, the applicant then sends in to the state the application and required fees & documents (Certificate of completion, fingerprints, etc.). After passing the criminal and medical background check, the applicant will then be issued a permit.

A Louisiana CHP is valid for up to 5 years (lifetime permits require recertification every 5 years). When nearing expiration, the permit holder must take a re-certification class to apply for a renewal.

Original/First-Time Applicants:

In addition to meeting the qualifications in R.S. 40:1379.3(C), an applicant must demonstrate competence with a handgun by completion of an approved firearms safety or training course taught by an NRA or P.O.S.T. certified instructor that is registered with State Police, or completion of small arms training while serving in the military (as evidenced by a DD-214), [active service members, reservist and national guard members must include a clear photocopy of their military ID (front & back) with a copy of their last qualification record from their 201 file], or possession of a current valid license to carry a concealed weapon issued by a parish law enforcement officer.

Lifetime permit holders are required to complete refresher training every five years as required by LRS 40:1379.3.(V)(4).


Pursuant to LAC 55:I:1307.D, each permittee applying for a renewal of his permit shall complete additional educational training within one year prior to submitting a renewal application. To obtain renewal training, please contact one of the LSP registered instructors.

Five Year Permit (Original and Renewals):
Ages 21 - 64: $125
65 or Older: $62.50

Lifetime Permit:
Ages 21 - 64: $500
65 or Older $250


If you have not continuously resided within the State of Louisiana for the 15 years immediately preceding the date on which your application is received, an additional $50 non-refundable fee shall be submitted. This is only for first-time applicants and is not required for any subsequent renewals.
If you apply online, you will receive an email once your application has been accepted. This email will contain a link to pay for the permit by credit card. If you do not remit payment within thirty (30) days of receiving the payment link, your application will be purged from the system and will require a new submission to proceed.

Military Discount
If you are currently in the military and wish to use the military discount, you must include a copy of your most recent orders.

Five Year Permit: $62.50
Lifetime Permit: $250

Veterans with an honorable discharge are fee exempt.

ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, and must be paid by money order, cashier's check, or certified check.

In an effort to allow the most efficient processing of your application, we suggest that you review the following tips for both new and renewal applications:

  • Review your application for completeness. An incomplete application may result in the delay or denial of your application.
  • Make sure all questions are answered correctly, specifically the questions with regard to arrests, medical conditions, and 18 USC 922 g. (See selected statutes in the Law and Rule Booklet.)
    • Read the arrest question carefully, as you must list all arrests, summons, and citations (except speeding citations) even if listed on a previous application. You must provide a certified true copy of all arrest dispositions with your application.
    • If you listed a medical condition you must have the treating physician complete the medical summary form before submitting your application.
    • If you are currently subject to a protective or restraining order you must provide a certified true copy with your application.

Original/First-Time Applicants:

In order to apply for a concealed handgun permit, a citizen should follow the steps below:

  • Apply for a Concealed Handgun Permit by one of the following ways:
    • Complete and submit the new online Concealed Handgun Permit Application at
    • Download a Concealed Handgun Permit Application and complete the instructions found on pages one and two of the application.
    • Obtain an application at the State Police Headquarters (7919 Independence Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806) between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Provide all necessary documentation pertaining to training, arrest dispositions, medical summary dispositions, and divorce decrees (if applicable). New fingerprints must be submitted for original/first time applicants. Old fingerprints on file will not be accepted.
  • Contact your local police office, local sheriff's department, or State Police Headquarters in Baton Rouge for fingerprinting. Fingerprinting at State Police Headquarters requires a $10.00 money order or can be paid using a debit/credit card. Prints must be submitted on an FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card. The card should be completed as outlined in the application instructions.
  • Paper applications, fingerprint cards, and/or other documentation must be submitted to:
    • Louisiana State Police
      Concealed Handgun Permit Unit
      PO Box 66375
      Baton Rouge, LA 70896


  • Permit holders will be notified in writing at their address of record, approximately 120 days prior to the expiration of their permit to begin the renewal process.
  • Upon notification, apply for a Concealed Handgun Permit by one of the following ways:
    • Complete and submit the new online Concealed Handgun Permit Application at
    • Download a Concealed Handgun Permit Application and complete the instructions found on pages one and two of the application.
    • Obtain an application at the State Police Headquarters (7919 Independence Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806) between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Submit the renewal application with a new training certificate, a photocopy of your driver's license, and the appropriate fees. NOTE: Passport photos are no longer needed to process your applications. Submission of a fingerprint card is not needed for renewal applications.
  • The completed application should be returned to the Department no less than 90 days prior to the expiration of the permit to allow sufficient time for processing.
    You must submit your application within 60 days after the expiration date or you will be required to submit a new original application including fingerprints.
  • Paper applications and/or other documentation must be submitted to:
    • Louisiana State Police
      Concealed Handgun Permit Unit
      PO Box 66375
      Baton Rouge, LA 70896



The passage of Act 680 of the 2022 Regular Legislative Session (Effective August 1, 2022) enacted LRS 14:95(M) to provide certain exemptions for the concealed carrying of firearms. Under LRS 14:95(M), the intentional concealment of any firearm shall not apply to a resident of Louisiana if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • The person is twenty-one years of age or older,
  • The person is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under R.S. 14:95.1, R.S. 40:1379.3(C)(5) through (17), 18 U.S.C. 922(g), or any other state or federal law,
  • The person is a reserve or active-duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces; a member of the Louisiana National Guard or the Louisiana Air National Guard; or a former member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces, the Louisiana National Guard, or the Louisiana Air National Guard who has been honorably discharged from service.
    At all times that a person is in possession of a concealed handgun pursuant to R.S. 40:1379.3(B)(2), that person shall have on his person proof that he meets the qualifications of Subparagraph (a) of this Paragraph demonstrated by ONE of the following:

    • A valid military identification card,
    • A valid driver's license issued by the state of Louisiana displaying the word "Veteran" pursuant to R.S. 32:412(K),
    • A valid special identification card issued by the state of Louisiana displaying the word "Veteran" pursuant to R.S. 40:1321(K).

For a member released from service who does not qualify to have the word "Veteran" displayed on a state issued driver's license or special identification card, a Department of Defense Form 214 (DD-214) indicating the character of service as "Honorable" or "Under Honorable Conditions (General)" and a valid driver's license or special identification card issued by the state of Louisiana.
No person carrying a weapon pursuant to R.S. 14:95(M) may carry and conceal such handgun while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled dangerous substance. A person carrying a weapon pursuant to R.S. 14:95(M) shall notify any police officer who approaches the permittee in an official manner or with an identified official purpose that he has a weapon on his person, submit to a pat down, and allow the officer to temporarily disarm him.

Contact us today to begin the process and making the decision to take you and your family's safety/lives into your hands.