Course Policies

Registration: Courses require advance registration to secure a spot in the class. Check with Jefferson Indoor Range’s website for registration procedures, deadlines, and any required pre-course documentation.

Age Restrictions:

Some courses have minimum age requirements for participants. For example, pistol shooting courses require the shooter to be at least 21 years of age or older in accordance with state law. However, children may shoot pistol caliber rifles as long as they are able to safely see over the firing line bench. This ensures the safety and appropriateness of the training environment. Anyone under the age of 21 must be with a parent or legal guardian to participate in live-fire exercises. Non live-fire courses are open to all ages providing they are participating in the course.

Proof of Eligibility:

Depending on the course content, participants may be required to provide proof of eligibility, such as a valid (or expiring/expired) concealed carry permit, completion of prerequisite courses, state issues identification card or driver’s license. Concealed Carry Permit holders have up to 60 days following the expiration of their permit to submit their renewal application to the State of Louisiana.

Safety Gear:

Most ranges have specific safety gear requirements, such as eye and ear protection. You will need to bring your own safety equipment as it is not provided at the shooting range. Also, please note that non-safety certified equipment such a ear-buds, headphones, etc. will not be allowed as a substitution for personal safety equipment.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Understand the range’s cancellation and refund policy in case you are unable to attend the course. This includes deadlines for cancellations and whether refunds or course rescheduling are offered. Jefferson Indoor Range has a 48 hour prior to the course starting cancellation policy. Outside of that 48 hour window, additional fees for rescheduling may apply.

Course Fees:

All course fees are noted on the course listing page with tax included in the pricing. All fees will be collected prior to attending the scheduled course. In most cases, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure a course reservation for a student.

Course Materials:

For some courses, materials such as textbooks, handouts or tests are included. In most cases these are digital copies of the materials, however, actual textbooks as well as other items are available for purchase at the time of the course (subject to availability).

Attendance and Punctuality:

Be aware that if you do not complete the safety waiver prior to arrival, this takes around 10 minutes to complete. Being late for the course may result in rescheduling (in most cases if it is a mandatory training course such as CCHP Renewals). Please note also that some courses require a minimum number of students for the course to begin. If you arrive too late, the course may have already been canceled. Cancellations may incur a rescheduling fee.

Code of Conduct:

Our instructors STRICTLY enforce the standards of safety and behavior while in class or on the shooting range in a live-fire environment. Please maintain respect for others at all times. Any observance of disrespect, disregard for safety, rude or obnoxious behavior, etc. may result in your being removed from the class.

Liability Waiver:

Please make sure you read and sign Jefferson Indoor Range’s liability waiver PRIOR to arriving for your scheduled course.

Course Cancellation and Reschedule Policy:

Our Course Cancellation and Reschedule Policy is simple, when booking a class with Bayou Gunner it is a commitment to train on your given class date(s). Tuition sales are final. We do not offer refunds to clients who cancel or fail to show up for class. Rescheduling will be judged on an individual basis. There is a $50 per person rescheduling fee. We do offer a refund or credit in the highly unlikely event Bayou Gunner finds it necessary to cancel a class. This policy is firm and there are no exceptions.

Ammunition Policy:

Ammunition is NOT included in the price of our firearm classes. We can supply ammunition for your class at competitive prices but if you plan on buying it from us before the class date to ensure we have your caliber of ammunition on hand.

If you need ammunition for our classes please contact us, Jefferson Indoor Range, or your local gun shop.

With the current market for ammunition, please do not wait until the last minute to buy ammunition for your class.

NO Reloads. Reloaded ammunition is not allowed. Training is not the time to skimp on ammunition, and we have seen many problems with reloads in our classes over the years. If you use reloads in our classes, and you or other persons are injured, you will be held civilly liable for any and all damages that take place to others and our property. Please use new, factory loaded brass, aluminum or steel ammunition. If it is discovered that you are using reloaded ammunition, you will be removed from class with no refund.

Visiting Policy:

Bayou Gunner training facilities are CLOSED to the public (No Walk-Ins). Registered students ONLY allowed on facilities during scheduled classes. There is no visitation permitted by any other persons.

Spectator Policy / Children under the age of 21:

NO SPECTATORS. Only Paying Clients are allowed on our ranges and in our classrooms during their scheduled Bayou Gunner classes. No exceptions. Any children in the range must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian. Children are not allowed to attend classes unless the class is designed for young children.

Women’s Only Classes Policy:

During our Women’s Only Classes please respect that it means WOMEN ONLY. Our goal is to create a non-intimidating environment for women to ask questions and learn without fear of judgment. We can not tell you how many women thank us after their classes for this reason. If someone’s husband, fiancée, boyfriend, etc. would like to sit in on the class with you please book a private class for the two of you or join a normal open enrollment class and we would be happy to accommodate you. If you are a male showing up for our Women’s Only Class you will be removed from class with no refund.

Failure to complete/qualify completing the course:

If you fail to qualify or complete the course requirements, you may incur additional charges when directed to return following additional training/practice at the direction of the instructor. It is HIGHLY recommended that you practice prior to attending your scheduled course for live-fire classes.