Course Policies

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

Our Cancellation and Reschedule Policy is simple, when booking a class with Bayou Gunner it is a commitment to train on your given class date(s). Tuition sales are final. We do not offer refunds to clients who cancel or fail to show up for class. Rescheduling will be judged on an individual basis. There is a $50 per person rescheduling fee. We do offer a refund or credit in the highly unlikely event Bayou Gunner finds it necessary to cancel a class. This policy is firm and there are no exceptions.

Ammunition Policy

Ammunition is NOT included in the price of our firearm classes. We can supply ammunition for your class at competitive prices but if you plan on buying it from us before the class date to ensure we have your caliber of ammunition on hand.

If you need ammunition for our classes please contact us, Jefferson Indoor Range, or your local gun shop.

With the current market for ammunition, please do not wait until the last minute to buy ammunition for your class.

NO Reloads. Reloaded ammunition is not allowed. Training is not the time to skimp on ammunition, and we have seen many problems with reloads in our classes over the years. If you use reloads in our classes, and you or other persons are injured, you will be held civilly liable for any and all damages that take place to others and our property. Please use new, factory loaded brass, aluminum or steel ammunition. If it is discovered that you are using reloaded ammunition, you will be removed from class with no refund.

Visiting Policy

Bayou Gunner training facilities are CLOSED to the public (No Walk-Ins). Registered students ONLY allowed on facilities during scheduled classes. There is no visitation permitted by any other persons.

Spectator Policy

NO SPECTATORS. Only Paying Clients are allowed on our ranges and in our classrooms during their scheduled Bayou Gunner classes. No exceptions.

Women’s Only Classes Policy

During our Women’s Only Classes please respect it means WOMEN ONLY. Our goal is to create a non-intimidating environment for women to ask questions and learn without fear of judgment. We can not tell you how many women thank us after their classes for this reason. If someone’s husband, fiancée, boyfriend, etc. would like to sit in on the class with you please book a private class for the two of you or join a normal open enrollment class and we would be happy to accommodate you. If you are a male showing up for our Women’s Only Class you will be removed from class with no refund.