Bayou Gunner offers a range of comprehensive services designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals seeking concealed carry handgun permits in Louisiana. Our expert instructors and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that you receive the highest level of training and education.

Explore our services below:

  • Fingerprinting Services:
    • Digital Electronic Fingerprinting Service (Commonly used for eForms on the ATF website when registering NFA items.)
    • Hard Copy Fingerprinting Service Printed Official FBI Fingerprint Cards (Nursing, Employment, Schools, etc.).
  • All non-concealed carry required fingerprinting is performed at Jefferson Indoor Range at 6719 Airline Drive in Metairie, Louisiana.
    • Walk-Ins are also welcome.
  • Effective May 1, 2024 Louisiana will no longer accept hard FBI card fingerprints. Applicants will need to go to and register for an appointment to have the fingerprinting done electronically or go to this link the codes below are the ones used depending on your residence length.
    • 27KBQ3 if you have lived in LA 15 years or more, or
    • 27KBNN if you have lived in LA less than 15 years
  • NOTE: Digital and Physical Fingerprinting as a stand-alone service for NFA items, employment, schooling, etc. must be scheduled by calling Jefferson Gun Outlet. This is PHYSICAL or DIGITAL fingerprinting.
  • Constitutional / Permitless Carry Training: Although a permit isn’t obligatory for carrying a concealed firearm in Louisiana, we provide a course aimed at acquainting our students with crucial knowledge regarding the legalities surrounding the use of deadly force. Our curriculum covers areas such as permissible locations, traveling with a firearm, effective carrying techniques, factors to contemplate while carrying, prospects for further training, and distinctions or advantages pertinent to permit holders. NOTE: If you choose to pursue state certification and acquire a permit, the expenses and time invested in this training will be credited toward your concealed carry course.
  • Concealed Carry Permit Training: Our flagship service focuses on providing you with the knowledge and skills required to obtain your concealed carry handgun permit in Louisiana. Our training covers essential topics such as firearm safety, laws and regulations, situational awareness, defensive shooting techniques, and more. We tailor the curriculum to accommodate both beginners and experienced shooters, ensuring that you receive a solid foundation of training.
  • Advanced Defensive Training: For individuals who have already obtained their concealed carry permits and are looking to enhance their skills, we offer advanced defensive training programs. These programs delve deeper into defensive shooting techniques, close-quarters engagements, drawing from concealment, decision-making skills under stress, and more. Our instructors, with their extensive experience, provide guidance and personalized feedback to help you take your skills to the next level.
  • Firearm Safety Courses: Safety is a fundamental aspect of responsible gun ownership. We offer comprehensive firearm safety courses that cover topics such as safe handling, storage, cleaning, and maintenance. Whether you are a first-time firearm owner or in need of a refresher, our courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the safe handling and storage of firearms.
  • Private Instruction: We understand that some individuals prefer one-on-one instruction or have specific training needs. Our private instruction services offer personalized training tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you are a beginner seeking individualized attention or an experienced shooter looking to focus on specific skills, our expert instructors will customize the training to help you achieve your goals.
  • Group Training Events: Join our group training events and connect with fellow firearms enthusiasts in a supportive and engaging environment. These events provide opportunities to practice shooting drills, participate in friendly competitions, and learn from one another. It’s a great way to build camaraderie, exchange knowledge, and enhance your shooting skills in a fun and interactive setting.
  • Safety Seminars and Workshops: Stay up-to-date on the latest trends, laws, and best practices through our safety seminars and workshops. Led by industry experts, these informative sessions cover a wide range of topics such as personal safety, self-defense strategies, emergency preparedness, and more. Expand your knowledge and get valuable insights from professionals who are passionate about empowering individuals like you.

Enroll in our services today and gain the confidence and skills necessary to navigate the concealed carry world responsibly and safely. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, Bayou Gunner is here to support your journey towards personal safety and responsible gun ownership in Louisiana.

Please contact us for further information or to schedule your training session. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your firearms training goals.