Firearm Skills Offered

Firearm Safety: Expertise in teaching fundamental safety rules and protocols to ensure responsible firearm handling.

Marksmanship Training: Guiding individuals to develop accurate shooting techniques and improve overall marksmanship.

Handgun Proficiency: Comprehensive instruction in effective use, maintenance, and safe handling of handguns.

Tactical Shooting Skills: Teaching dynamic shooting in real-world scenarios with focus on movement, cover, and situational awareness.

Self-Defense Strategies: Equipping individuals with techniques for using firearms as tools for personal protection, coupled with decision-making skills.

Competition Shooting: Training for competitive shooting sports, emphasizing speed, accuracy, and performance under pressure.

Concealed Carry Mastery: In-depth instruction on concealed carry best practices, legal considerations, and situational awareness.

Emergency Medical Preparedness: Providing basic first aid and trauma care knowledge to address potential firearm-related injuries.

Firearm Maintenance: Teaching proper cleaning, maintenance, and troubleshooting of firearms for reliable operation.

Legal and Ethical Awareness: Education on laws pertaining to firearm ownership, use of force, and ethical considerations.

Ammunition Expertise: Understanding different types of ammunition, their purposes, and effects.

Night Shooting Techniques: Training for shooting in low-light or nighttime conditions, using flashlights and night sights.

Home Defense Strategies: Equipping individuals with skills and tactics for using firearms effectively in home defense scenarios.

Range Safety Management: Knowledge of range safety protocols and procedures for maintaining a safe shooting environment.

Scenario Simulation Training: Utilizing virtual simulations to practice decision-making and shooting skills in lifelike scenarios.

Personalized Instruction: Tailoring training approaches to accommodate diverse learning styles and experience levels.

Ethical Firearm Use: Fostering a culture of responsible firearm ownership and emphasizing ethical considerations.

Continual Learning: Promoting ongoing education and staying updated on evolving firearm trends and techniques.

Empowering Responsible Firearm Ownership. We specialize in comprehensive firearms training, offering expertise in handgun, rifle, and shotgun disciplines. With safety as our cornerstone, we provide personalized instruction to individuals of all experience levels. From beginners seeking a solid foundation to seasoned shooters aiming to refine skills, we foster confidence, proficiency, and a deep respect for firearms. Join us on the journey to responsible firearm ownership and skillful marksmanship.

Specializing in:

  • Basic Firearm Safety and Handling: Covers the fundamental safety rules, proper handling, and storage of firearms.
  • Marksmanship: Focuses on developing accurate shooting skills and techniques.
  • Handgun Training: Specialized training for handguns, including grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger control, and more.
  • Rifle Training: Training for using rifles effectively, including different shooting positions, sight adjustment, and recoil management.
  • Shotgun Training: Covers techniques for using shotguns, including different types of ammunition and shooting scenarios.
  • Tactical Shooting: Teaches shooting techniques in dynamic and real-world scenarios, often involving movement, cover, and engaging multiple targets.
  • Self-Defense: Focuses on using firearms for personal protection, including situational awareness, decision-making, and legal considerations.
  • Competition Shooting: Training for competitive shooting sports, emphasizing speed, accuracy, and following specific rules and formats.
  • Long-Range Shooting: Specialized training for precision shooting at extended distances, often involving specialized equipment.
  • Law Enforcement/Military Training: Tailored training for professionals in law enforcement and military, including tactical training and scenarios.
  • Concealed Carry Training: Covers the legal, ethical, and practical aspects of carrying a concealed firearm for personal protection.
  • Home Defense: Training for using firearms effectively in a home defense situation, including proper tactics and considerations for protecting loved ones.
  • Firearms Maintenance: Instruction on cleaning, maintaining, and troubleshooting firearms to ensure their proper functioning.
  • Gunsmithing: More advanced training involving firearm repair, customization, and modification.
  • Ammunition Knowledge: Understanding different types of ammunition, their purposes, and their effects.
  • Legal Considerations: Training on the legal aspects of firearm ownership, use of force, and applicable laws.
  • Emergency Medical Training: Knowledge of basic first aid and trauma care, especially relevant in scenarios where firearm injuries might occur.
  • Night Shooting: Training for shooting in low-light or nighttime conditions, including the use of flashlights and night sights.
  • Simulator Training: Using virtual simulations to practice decision-making and shooting skills in various scenarios.
  • Firearms Ethics and Responsibility: Training on the ethical use of firearms, responsible gun ownership, and considerations in using lethal force.

Bayou Gunner, Elevating Firearms Proficiency, One Shot at a Time.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to enroll in one of our training programs. We are excited to embark on this journey with you. We work closely with Jefferson Indoor Range, utilizing their state-of-the-art classrooms as well as their multi million dollar shooting range facility to provide the highest quality experience for all of our students.