Guest Instructors

Guest Instructors are highly welcomed and invited to participate, assist and even teach qualified courses. If you are an NRA or USCCA Certified Instructor, or have a specific qualification to teach a course and would like to, please contact us to schedule a meeting to review credentials, qualifications, procedures, etc.

Guest Instructor Policies, Terms, and Logistics:

Any Guest instructor will adhere to Bayou Gunner’s policies for appearance, professionalism and safety.

During the designated time as a guest instructor, arrive well-prepared and deliver the training or classes as agreed upon. Focus on providing a valuable and safe learning experience for participants.

Guest Instructor Qualifications:

During the initial contact or subsequent conversations, be prepared to demonstrate your qualifications as an instructor. This may include sharing your resume, certifications, training records, and any relevant teaching experience or accolades you have.

Post course Instructors evaluation session:

Following each course, our team will again meet with the instructor to discuss their experience and welcome feedback, criticism, suggestions, etc. on improvements to our training environment. Our instructors can also provide guidance and input on your performance as an instructor.

Instructors Compensation & Requirements:

Most guest instructors participate on a voluntary agreement which does not include compensation. However, accommodations can be made for qualified instructors providing specific courses unavailable without required credentials. In this case, compensation for time can be discussed and considered.

If we expresses interest in having you as a guest instructor, you will need to negotiate the specific terms of your engagement. This can include discussing the dates, duration, schedule, fees, equipment requirements, and any administrative details such as liability waivers and insurance coverage.

Once you have reached an agreement, make sure to familiarize yourself with the range’s policies and procedures. This includes any safety protocols, range rules, and guidelines for instructors and participants.

Lesson Plan or Proposal:

Bayou Gunner may request you to submit a proposal or lesson plan outlining the training content you would provide as a guest instructor. This demonstrates your preparedness and ensures alignment with the range’s goals and requirements.

Observer Instructors:

Instructors visiting from other states are always welcome to attend or “sit in” on courses as an observer.

Coming Soon:

We are currently developing an online instructor application form to review potential instructor candidates.

In the meantime, please feel free to email us at, call us at 985-212-0872 or visit our Contact Us page to submit a contact form with your inquiry or stating your desire to participate.

All courses are given at Jefferson Indoor Range, located at 6719 Airline Drive in Metairie, La.