WHAT WE OFFER – La Concealed Carry Permit

Our primary La Concealed Carry Permit Training classes consist of a mandatory 9 hour (mandated by the State of Louisiana) classroom/range instruction, with a live-fire 3-stage qualification. The class will cover Basic Pistol (Revolver and Semi-Automatic) and La Concealed Carry Permit instruction as outlined in the requirements required by the Louisiana State Police.

We have several specialized training classes available as well which usually span 2-3 hours depending on class participation and Short 1 hour Micro Training Classes which focus on specific topics of training.

See our TRAINING page for more details and courses available.


Our classes will guide you through Range Safety, Handgun Training, Louisiana Law, Liability, Safety and Situational Awareness, your home training and more! We also have a laser dry-fire mockup range to work on your skills before actually heading to the range for live-fire qualifications.

We work with our students to provide several levels of experience as needed based on the students abilities. If that means you need additional training prior to your concealed training, we can offer that as well.


Perhaps you’re interested in a more modular training where you can obtain the mandatory 9 hours of instruction in more of a one-on-one personalized environment spanning several days instead of one singe day.

Currently each La Concealed Carry Permit class size can vary from our maximum of 20 students. We prefer to maximize student participation and retention, so we cap our training at 20 seats.


We also offer the option of what we refer to as “Micro-Classes”. These are smaller, more detailed, non-live fire classes that can provide a training experience to our students beyond the basics. For example, our specialized training for women… “Situational Awareness”, “The Basics of Concealed Carry”, “Dryfire Training at Home” or “Children and Firearms” classes which are specifically designed to provide a true thought training in a more personal setting. In these classes, we focus on content specific student retention in order to provide that thought process in specific situations.


Do you have your own group of family or friends that you’d like to attend the training with? We can accommodate that as well! Custom bookings are available for such requests. Contact our professional trainers for more information and booking options.